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Top 10 Periphery Riffs Part III - Hail Perpihery

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Once again, I've been asked to update the top 10 with some fresh riffs from Hail Stan, so here is Part 3! Thanks a lot for the amazing support on my 2 previous videos, I hope you'll dig this one too!

In no particular order:
-Sentient Glow
-It's Only Smiles
-The Way The News Goes
-Rainbow Gravity
-Heavy Heart
-Follow Your Ghost

I proudly endorse Skull Strings: http://www.skullstrings.com/

All the tones you can hear in this video come from Neural DSP plugins: Fortin Nameless for rhythm guitars and Archetype: Plini for lead and cleans. Those plugins are incredible, to me they are the best plugins in the market, I highly recommend you check them out.

Gear used: Ibanez RGD320, Strandberg Boden OS, Scarlett Focusrite 2i2, Cubase 9.5

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