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  • 01:27 Icarus (trailer)

    Icarus (trailer)

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    This is a trailer from my AFTRS graduate short film, completed in 2000.

  • 02:22 Популярные Icarus Short Animation

    Icarus Short Animation

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    A short film created As a competetion entry at CGtalks CGchallenge. The challenge was to take a known myth and give it a steampunk overhaul. Animation created in maya, rendered with 3delight.

  • 01:10 Популярные Icarus Down Trailer

    Icarus Down Trailer

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  • 03:38 Icarus


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    “Icarus” is my non-narrative short drone film and really a homage to an awesome piece of technology, Phantom 3 Pro, that travels with me for the past 2 years to many many locations. From rocky cliffs of Isle of Skye to the mighty Dolomites in Italy. From

  • 03:43 Популярные Icarus


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    Icarus is the story of a man setting out to enact plans that he has been waiting his entire adult life to accomplish. Icarus is an NYU student film shot in November of 2007. The film was shot on the first day snow of the winter. Starring: James Bernardine

  • 01:10 Популярные Icarus Down Teaser SciFi Short Film

    Icarus Down Teaser SciFi Short Film

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    Icarus Down Teaser Please visit http://ow.ly/o4DSx for more information A groundbreaking live-action short film about a military vessel that is shot down in an unknown alien planet, creating darkness and chaos amongst its passengers. A compelling story ab