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  • 00:23 Популярные ICARUS


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    Personal explorations All aspects done by me. More: https://goo.gl/BQHm8D

  • 00:11 Популярные Myth of Icarus - Stop Motion Loop

    Myth of Icarus - Stop Motion Loop

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    Submission for LoopdeLoop's animation competition

  • 01:45 Популярные Icarus Title Sequence

    Icarus Title Sequence

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    A title sequence I created for the ancient Greek myth of Icarus

  • 02:35 Brazilian Icarus

    Brazilian Icarus

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    Icarus: There will be (no) World Cup This animation is an allegory of Brazil's current struggle in preparing itself for hosting the World Cup. Recent heated protests have heated the country politically. The Brazilian population has grown critical of the c