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  • 07:01 Популярные Freeway A Skydiving Story

    Freeway A Skydiving Story

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    Please Share this on Facebook and Twitter.... It really helps :) This short documentary is about fifty of Australia's elite freefly skydivers, who came together on the 26th of December 2011 to break an Australian record. Produced by: Christian Whyte (www.

  • 04:56 Популярные 'Funny Farm 2014' Australia's Best Skydivers

    'Funny Farm 2014' Australia's Best Skydivers

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    *TURN OFF THE LIGHTS CRANK THE VOLUME* Thank you for the support: APF, iFLY downunder, UPT Vector, Icarus NZ Aerosports, Cookie, Downward Trend, Vigil, Sony Australia and Highspeed productions. Music Credit: http://www.fosterthepeople.com/supermodel (buy