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  • 02:00 Gene Chee - Modeling Showreel 2016

    Gene Chee - Modeling Showreel 2016

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    Professional and personal work to date, excluding projects currently in production. Music: Icarus (Main Theme) by Michael McCann

  • 01:21 When Icarus Fell - Trailer

    When Icarus Fell - Trailer

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    Trailer for When Icarus Fell



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    A2 Media Studies Project (OCR Exam Board, Unit G324) Thanks to Bastille, Virgin Records and UMG for permission and use of the song. Check out the rest of the project: http://tomsharman.wix.com/media Or on my website: http://www.TomSharman.com Business Enq

  • 01:45 Icarus Title Sequence

    Icarus Title Sequence

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    A title sequence I created for the ancient Greek myth of Icarus

  • 04:49 Icarus' Dream

    Icarus' Dream

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    A stop-motion animation by Zachary Wong. A homeless man dreams of becoming a pilot. American Visions Award Winner, National Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards (Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY) Gold Medal Award Winner, National Scholastic Arts & Writing Awa

  • 03:38 Icarus


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    “Icarus” is my non-narrative short drone film and really a homage to an awesome piece of technology, Phantom 3 Pro, that travels with me for the past 2 years to many many locations. From rocky cliffs of Isle of Skye to the mighty Dolomites in Italy. From

  • 03:19 Icarus


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    ICARUS Some say seeing is believing. If you can imagine it, you can take your mind to places beyond the physical world. Icarus is a lighthearted poetic piece about an astronaut who finds himself stranded on a strange planet, and how he has to go beyond wh

  • 01:42 Waiting for Icarus

    Waiting for Icarus

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    Final version of my.... well, of my final. I played with the colors and the audio levels a bit. I realize that the very first scene's colors don't exactly match the rest of the rooftop scenes and that's because I added the footage after I had already grad

  • 02:09 “Icarus” by Thomas Giddings - NOWNESS

    “Icarus” by Thomas Giddings - NOWNESS

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    A water-powered jetpack transforms a stuntman into a sea monster in Thomas Giddings’ futuristic short. Read the full feature on NOWNESS: http://bit.ly/1ihXFvF A film by Thomas Giddings http://www.thomasgiddings.com/

  • 01:54 Icarus


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    Shot on a canon 600D with a 35mm f2 in 2012 Re-graded in 2014.