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  • 07:01 Freeway A Skydiving Story

    Freeway A Skydiving Story

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    Please Share this on Facebook and Twitter.... It really helps :) This short documentary is about fifty of Australia's elite freefly skydivers, who came together on the 26th of December 2011 to break an Australian record. Produced by: Christian Whyte (www.

  • 12:04 ICARUS DOCUMENTARY - (Director's Cut)

    ICARUS DOCUMENTARY - (Director's Cut)

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    Directed/Produced by Kyrill Lazarov & Dario Nouri The ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel brought together physiology and aerodynamics experts from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology to help Angelo Grubisic break a wingsuit world record. This record w

  • 00:47 ...and the Oscar goes to ICARUS!

    ...and the Oscar goes to ICARUS!

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    Humbled by the recognition and proud to be part of the team! Congratulations to Bryan Fogel, Dan Cogan & all involved!

  • 15:11 Ghost of Icarus

    Ghost of Icarus

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    Ghost of Icarus is a short experimental film inspired by the City Symphony genre and the Soviet Montage movement. This film is part of my graduation research project on how to apply dialectics in the montage of a film. I also wrote a thesis about this que

  • 01:08 ICARUS Animation Montage

    ICARUS Animation Montage

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    Director: Bryan Fogel Animations: Office of Development & Design Executive Creative Director: Gary Breslin Executive Producer: Tim Case Executive Producer / Producer: Matthew Turke Producer: Suzanne Potashnick Designer: Mo Ghayour Storyboard Artist: Roger

  • 04:00 Icarus


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    The deadly attraction of working in secret to document early nuclear weapons tests. Directed by César Pesquera. More on this documentary: https://aeon.co/videos/the-deadly-attraction-of-working-in-secret-to-document-early-nuclear-weapons-tests Watch more