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  • 04:09 Популярные WAITING FOR ICARUS


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    dance / text: Paolo Cingolani, Vera Lapitskaya music / lights: Natalia Kochelenko Teatteri Höyhentämö HELSINKI 30.09.2017 "Waiting for Icarus" is a piece which faces the nature of irreversibility. The boundaries between our dreams and reality no longer ex

  • 04:36 Популярные "Naturally" from the Taming Icarus EP by Patrick Jaouen

    "Naturally" from the Taming Icarus EP by Patrick Jaouen

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    "Naturally" from the Taming Icarus EP by Patrick Jaouen Now available on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/taming-icarus-ep/id900482125

  • 02:49 Популярные Icarus


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    Modern group piece choreographed by Tiffani Powell Music: "Etude in C" by Phillip Glass 2010

  • 00:23 Популярные ICARUS


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    Personal explorations All aspects done by me. More: https://goo.gl/BQHm8D

  • 57:40 Icarus


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    How high is too high and how much higher is too high to fall? Re-focussing the Greek myth through a contemporary lens, Icarus examines how we relate to our ambitions, desires and dreams in a world where bigger is always better and more is always worth the

  • 05:10 Популярные BAMM.tv Presents: Trash80 - "Icarus"

    BAMM.tv Presents: Trash80 - "Icarus"

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    Who knew Game Boy music could sound this cool? Timothy Lamb, the man behind Trash80 releases all of his music under Creative Commons and has also invented ArduinoBoy--an easy to assemble device that allows MIDI synchronization with a Game Boy. Someone too

  • 01:19 Популярные scenes of melted wax [the lament for icarus] - experimental film

    scenes of melted wax [the lament for icarus] - experimental film

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    unused footage from a failed attempt at a music video. (in other words, my director's cut) --- BTS PHOTOS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3uegy0hoz6c1naa/AACc_X7pLbzuupHVMim8aJ_3a?dl=0 [photos by Sean Berry: seanberryphotography.com]