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  • 02:07 Icarus


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    A short film created by Victoria Carolina, Cindy Mora, Javier Colon, Ellis Edwards and Julie Zhang. SVA. 2018.

  • 00:15 Популярные camera tracking (icarus/blender)

    camera tracking (icarus/blender)

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    this illustrate the camera tracking tutorial based on Icarus and Blender. I didn't use After Effects here. Everything but tracking is done in blender. http://loran-cg.blogspot.com/2010/09/camera-tracking-icarusblenderafter.html

  • 00:59 Популярные Guns of Icarus Online - Teaser Trailer

    Guns of Icarus Online - Teaser Trailer

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    Teaser for Muse's upcoming game, Guns of Icarus Online

  • 01:08 Популярные ICARUS Animation Montage

    ICARUS Animation Montage

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    Director: Bryan Fogel Animations: Office of Development & Design Executive Creative Director: Gary Breslin Executive Producer: Tim Case Executive Producer / Producer: Matthew Turke Producer: Suzanne Potashnick Designer: Mo Ghayour Storyboard Artist: Roger

  • 00:52 Icarus


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    This is the opener to a fictitious television show I created called Icarus. It was done as part of a class assignment where we had to design a broadcast graphics package for a television show. Music: "Shine" by Ulrich Schnauss Info: http://www.weskandel.c

  • 01:55 ICARUS


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  • 01:36 Guns of Icarus Prologue

    Guns of Icarus Prologue

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    Catastrophic wars have led to the collapse of modern industrial society. From the twilight of extinction mankind rises to regain its former glory.

  • 00:23 Популярные ICARUS Teaser

    ICARUS Teaser

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    Watch the full film on ARTE Creative: creative.arte.tv/fr/magazine/icarus ICARUS is an animated short documentary created using George Yoshitake’s voice. Yoshitake was the last survivor among the secret group of cameramen, who between 1945 and 1962, filme

  • 01:13 Популярные The Icarus Effect

    The Icarus Effect

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    "Getting into the hangar should be the easy part, but what secret is the Icarus Institute hiding?" This is my Animation Mentor graduating short film