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Star Trek Online - Empress Sela 2019 | Romulan Mystery Walkthrough | Federation Storyline Part 6

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(Star Trek Online Gameplay Walkthrough/Playthrough No Commentary)
Romulan Mystery Walkthrough Part 1
Federation Storyline Part 6

So I haven't played these missions for a while, most of them or some of them are tweaked, changed, shortened, or even removed, etc., from the game over the years,so lets replay them in 2019. I plan to go through (Playthrough) all of the storyline missions probably with different ships and captains along the way.
Let's continue with the Empress Sela mission.

Thanks for watching.

Romulan Mystery - Empress Sela

You may have heard about the tragedy at Khitomer. Empress Sela tried to disrupt the conference with a bomb, resulting in the death of Commander Temer.
Now Sela is offering a political reconciliation with the Federation, despite the fact that we have allied with the Romulan Republic. She has invited Federation diplomats to meet with her delegation at a secure base on the edge of the Neutral Zone.
However, we have recently received intelligence that Sela is amassing a fleet. We are sending you with the peace delegation as cover for your investigation into Sela's activities.
This is a very delicate situation. You must try to covertly obtain information about Sela's plans, without disrupting our peace efforts or upsetting Sela. However, we do have an agent in her retinue who will help you.

Star Trek Online Federation
Human / Science
Icarus Class Pilot Escort / Science Pilot Escort [T6]

Star Trek Online Federation Storyline Walkthrough 2019

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Star Trek Online 2019
Star Trek Online Walkthrough No Commentary
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