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Splatoon 2 shorts collab XIII

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0:06 Splat Stars Victory Vs by HuntGBunt

0:20 Well i hope by The Misha Koval

0:34 You never see it coming by FlipaClip

0:44 Alex Jones hates the 8-ball by HuntGBunt

0:48 Attack on Veemo by MattiaGamer 98

0:60 Brush mains be like by LimeLad37

1:12 GG learns the truth about woomeme review by HuntGBunt

1:28 Hey f***er by MattiaGamer 98

1:38 I'll be right back Axel Hero by MattiaGamer 98

1:54 Look at this homeskillet by Sexy Tartar

2:10 Splatoon 2 Credits leak by PhotonJet

2:15 Maui Boomy Tattoo by Kykai 3212

2:24 Oh dude... tentacool by MattiaGamer 98

2:36 playing Splatoon 1 now by Dax 009

2:51 Salmonid Rave by JonasSquidKid

2:58 Sheldon Speaks too much by Amiibo King

3:14 Should've gone to Shella Fresh by PhotonJet

3:28 Marie will be right back by Hypercat 159

3:35 SITTIN'S BAD by PhotonJet

3:37 How to photoshop Marina by MattiaGamer 98

3:53 You will be splatted in 30 minutes by trickster John

4:02 The Ban Brush by PhotonJet

4:17 Mitochondria by Mark Riquelme

4:23 Cannibalism by Icarus the Octoling

4:38 Callie Vs Marie by LilacLuv

4:53 Drake and Josh Octo Expansion by Lil

5:23 Doofenshmirtz rush blush by StickMan 64

5:35 Chaos Queen by Sini

5:51 Coralton + Complains by CarlColour

6:01 When you Dc by Tay12345

6:14 Detective Pikachu dance but in splatoon by Aegis

6:20 Test Failed by Ti Pax

6:27 to 6:32 H A M B U R G E R by TabbyTot

6:38 Servers in a nutshell by Rudy OctoKid Gamer Va

6:45 Inklings braving the storm by Mr Benio

6:59 Test Passed by Ugnsmacka

7:19 WHODUNNIT by RudyOctokidGamerVA

7:29 Bart Rainmaker by Ugnsmacka

7:36 SplatuberVatar by Squaggies

7:52 Dualies Squelcher Mains by Ugnsmacka

8:10 Vian and GG in a nutshell by flipaclip

8:17 Link by Motovation

8:32 Furret Walk but it's woomy by Harmony Fox

8:49 Octo Expansion Credits by Motovation

9:03 Splatted by Bucket by Midnight Aurora

9:19 Splatoon 2077 by Motovation

9:35 Wake up Urchin by HuntGBunt

9:58 I really Improved GG outro by aNtonic

Outro song is Valium candies by Jakim

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