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Sound Like Matt Halpern (Periphery) | Without Busting the Bank

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Rob and Colin search the store to find the perfect gear in order to sound like Periphery drummer Matt Halpern! Some of you may recognise the Sound Like series from our guitar channel... Lucky for you drummers out there, we are beginning the series right here on the Andertons Drum Channel! Stay tuned for more of your favourite artists coming soon... And of course, leave a comment below with suggestions!

Pearl Export LA Fusion Drum Kit - https://bit.ly/2S9fNxh
Dream Cymbals Bliss Hi Hat 14" - https://bit.ly/2xULelL
Dream Cymbals Bliss Paper Thin Crash 17" - https://bit.ly/2LilNmx
Dream Cymbals Energy Crash 17" - https://bit.ly/2YV2a7y
Dream Cymbals Bliss Splash 12" - https://bit.ly/2LhE03I
Iron Cobra Double Pedal - https://bit.ly/2YQi3f8

Mics used:
Overheads - AKG 214s
Kick - Audix D6
Snare - Audix i5
Tom 1 - Audix D2
Tom 2 - Audix D4
Room - Neumann TLM 102
HI-HAT - Neumann KM184

Follow Colin On Instagram - https://bit.ly/2Lho0i2

All mics run straight into an UA Apollo 8p and through UA Neve Pre Amps.

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