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Scientists Discovered 300,000 New Hidden Galaxies

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Have you ever gazed out at the night sky and been fascinated by a bright band of stars? That’s the Milky Way - the galaxy where our sun hangs out. And the sun is not the only star in the Milky Way, and the Milky Way is not the only galaxy in the universe. Astronomers have long since been in the quest to find out exactly how many galaxies there are in the universe, and you won’t believe the numbers they’ve come up with!

Today we have telescopes both on the ground, and in outer space, that regularly stare into the vast universe to detect the faintest and most distant galaxies. In 2016, a study conducted by a team of astronomers used 3D modeling of images collected over 20 years by the Hubble Space Telescope to determine the number of galaxies. What they found was amazing...

The variable stars

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