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Questions about the role social media plays in spreading hate content

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Questions about the role social media plays in spreading hate content
Two mass shootings left 29 dead in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, over the weekend. Now, many are raising questions about the role social media platforms play in spreading content that promotes hate and violence. On Monday, the controversial internet message board 8Chan went offline after its hosting site pulled support. Police say the suspect in El Paso posted an anti-immigrant manifesto to 8Chan minutes before the shooting. The alleged gunmen at a synagogue in California and two mosques in New Zealand earlier this year also posted similar messages to the site.

A$AP Rocky has returned to the U.S. after being released from a prison in Sweden
This is video of the rapper arriving in Los Angeles late Friday on a private jet. He spent a month behind bars in Stockholm on assault charges, to which he pleaded not guilty. Judgment will be delivered on August 14.

July 2019 is now the record-holder for the hottest month ever
The Copernicus Climate Change Program analyzes temperature data around the world. July saw sweltering heatwaves across Europe and the U.S. The previous record-holder was July 2016.

Soon, you’ll notice a small change on Instagram and WhatsApp
In app stores, splash screens and setting pages, you’ll see “From Facebook” added to both names. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014 when they were already massively popular. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the Federal Trade Commission is looking into whether Facebook’s acquisitions of these apps and others were an attempt to squash competition.

A 1987 Nintendo game discovered in an attic just sold for $9,000
A copy of Kid Icarus, unopened and sealed, brought in the big haul in an online auction. The cult-classic game was first released by Nintendo in 1987. A man in Reno, Nevada, discovered the game tucked inside the attic of his childhood home. He says he plans to split the money with his sister and treat his family to a vacation.

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