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Periphery - Crush (2019) | Vocal Cover by Victor Borba

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Shoutouts once again to OwlShed studios for providing me the space to record this cover while in Edinburgh, Scotland!

This is the first time I've ever covered an EDM song written by a prog metal band (lol). Honestly I really like this song, it's chill, powerful, groovy, and mysterious at the same time. It's not as demanding vocally as other songs on the album, bu all the vocal layers and different tones are very cool and fun to pull off.

I plan on covering every song off of Hail Stan, and this was the one song I'm certain I wouldn't end up doing a full band cover of, so I wouldn't be stepping on any toes to get this one done.

Let me know in the comments what song you'd like me to try next, I'm very open to suggestions!

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