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Iron Maiden Alexander the Great (drum cover)

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Iron maiden Alexander the great to my personal opinion is their masterpiece and refers to my country's history about Macedonia and the greatest of it's kings Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was the only king who united Greeks. Greece is loved place for Iron Maiden and especially for Bruce Dickinson who admires our history. Iron Maiden Alexander the great is my favorite Iron Maiden song. When I first listened to it it won a special place to my heart and finally my dream of playing it came true.

Recorded at my personal - project studio in Mandra Soyfliou - Greece on 4th September of 2019 with the assistance of my beloved wife Anastasia Klimentidou.

Gear I use:
Sonor - Force 2003 kick 22"
Sonor - Force 2003 toms 8"-12: ( 8-10-12 )
Sonor - Force 2003 floor toms 13"-16" ( 13 on the left and 14",16" on the right )

Tama Valkirie 14x5.5 Hand made snare drum ( 19 ply maple )

Roto toms : 6",8",10"
Octobans : Lo and Hi couples

2002 : 16" power crash
2002 : 18" crash

14 K/Z Hi hat ( on my right side with remote stand )
14 K Dark crash
10 Edge Splash ( in bottom of my hi stack )

12 AA Rock splash
12 AA Sound control crash
16 China
20 AA Rock ride
21 Tri top Rod Morgenstein signature ride

8 China splash
14 Amun crash ( bottom part of my lo stack )

8 Classic splash
10 Classic splash
13 Diamond Hihat

8 Myra splash ( repaired from a crack )
2x 12 splash ( one is bottom part of my mid stack )
10 China ( part of my hi stack )
12 China ( part of my mid stack )
14 China ( part of my lo stack )

Mostly tama boom stands and boom arms.
Tama Iron Cobra power glide double pedal
Tama lever glide hihat stand
Millenium stands for the octobans and rototoms
Millenium remote hihat stand

My facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/SK-Drumming-SA-3125934370765333/?ref=bookmarks
My personal blog : https://drumcovers-sk.blogspot.com/

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