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Добавлено от Admin В Icarus online обзор
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How high is too high and how much higher is too high to fall?
Re-focussing the Greek myth through a contemporary lens, Icarus examines how we relate to our ambitions, desires and dreams in a world where bigger is always better and more is always worth the risk. A haunting tale of seeing, soaring and falling, Icarus depicts the dual beauty and vulnerability of our own ambitions and the malevolent potential of our own ego.

Preview- June 8th/9th 2013, Tribeca Performing Arts Center
World Premiere- June 28th-30th, Firkin Crane, Cork Midsummer Festival
Recorded on June 9th at Tribeca Performing Arts Center

Directed and Choreographed by Luke Murphy
Performed by Leslie Kraus Phil Atkins Peter Chamberlin and Luke Murphy
Lighting Design/Production Stage Manager: Carrie Wood
Music: Michael Wall
Sound Design: Luke Murphy
Costumes: Juli Abene and Alex Abene
Filmed by Kevin Carr of Dancing Camera

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