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Icarus and Postlude - by April Zhu and Grace Ming

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An audio-visual poem, a dialogue, in a time and place.

"Icarus" - by April Zhu
(Special thanks to: Gregory Limbe, and “Failing and Flying by Jack Gilbert)

people forget
before he fell he was flying
it's the same
it's the same
with love
it's the same with love

your eyes
squinting as you rose from the water
we were happiest
we were happiest
when they were closed
when they were closed

the sun
melting our legs together
we were happiest
we were happiest
when we were one
when we were one

people say
he failed when he fell
but he had reached
the end of his triumph
the end of his triunmph


"Postlude" - by Grace Ming
I was swimming through the blue
trying to hold you
never learned to open my eyes
in water

were we happy?
I was happily

I needed to come up for air
but I knew that you wouldn't be there
I failed where I fell
I failed where I fell
did I fail where I fell?
well, I still fell

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