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Destiny 2 - Best PvP Titan Build Antaeus Wards (Destiny 2 Worthy Best Titan Build For PvP)

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Destiny 2 Best PvP Titan Build Antaeus Wards and the Destiny 2 Worthy Best Titan Build For PvP. This is a PvP Titan build that is built on the exotic armor: Antaeus Wards. The main use of this exotic is to reflect projectiles with your slide. This allows for invincibility for getting ahead on primary ammo engagements, totally blocking one full shotgun shot in close range, and safe retreating. This build is my best Titan build for Crucible, Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner and general PvP. I only use this build for PvP.

The armor mods and stat distribution is very important for this build. You first priority is to get the maximum Recovery that you can up to tier 10. Second is Mobility and Powerful Friends (Season of Dawn seasonal mod that gives +20 Mobility for having an arc mod equipped) for Mobility. Third is primary ammo weapon mods like Hand Cannon or Auto Rifle Targeting, Reloading, and Unflinching. Fourth is handling your special ammo weapons for shotgun or sniper Scavenger, Dexterity, Unflinching, and Targeting, which should be arc (shotgun) or void (sniper) affinity accordingly. Fifth is the rest. Change specific gun mods to your preferred gun-type if using Auto Rifle.

This is an aggressive build based on using Antaeus Wards for periodic invincibility for approaching or retreating safer. This invincibility protection is supposed to shield only your front, but can often shield your rear too. Almost all engagements should begin with a slide to protect you with Antaeus and to move your head’s hit-box from crouch level to standing level quickly. This will allow you to have the first shot on most engagements and completely protect you in shotgun trades. Even with a Sniper you should slide frequently as it allows you to take more time to aim while having Antaeus protection.

Your weapon, Spare Rations, can 3-shot headshot and nearly 4-shot body shot most enemies. In engagements you should only engage if you are getting 50+ damage headshots. Otherwise you should use your sniper or re-approach from a different angle. I personally find 150 RPM Hand Cannons to fire a bit fast at times and often recommend you slow down you shots in favor of accuracy when needed. You should approach most engagements with confidence as 150 RPM Hand Cannons are very good Time To Kill (TTK) for their range.

Your Shield Bash can be used to follow up your slides to have protection will approaching. You can also slide, shoot, and then Shield Bash to ensure certain kills. Shield Bash can also turn off enemy super if needed. Your Suppressor Grenades should be used as a defensive tool that often confuses enemies and shuts down supers, flight, and abilities.

Your Sentinel Shield is a very strong and long lasting super with defensive and ranged options. The primary use of your super is to use your shield throw to kill enemies and your shield to block as you approach. Blocking is an often overlooked feature that can protect your from nearly all types of damage including enemy super attacks, gun fire, explosion, and melee attacks. Blocking does consume your super on activation, maintenance, and absorbing damage, but is usually worth expending. The super’s melee ability should to be avoided where possible as it has clunky targeting and expends a lot of super.

If you have a question about my Destiny 2 Best PvP Titan Build Antaeus Wards and the Destiny 2 Worthy Best Titan Build For PvP, leave a comment below.

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