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Close to the Sun - Chapter 10 Walkthrough - Final Chapter (No Commentary)

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Walkthrough Chapter 10: The Fall of Icarus in Close to the Sun. This is a story walkthrough as I played, so not all collectibles will necessarily be shown, as I didn't get 100% of them in every single chapter.
Collectible completion: 60%
You play as Rose Archer, who gets a letter from her sister, Ada Archer, who is on board the Helios, a scientific vessel built and owned by Nikola Tesla, conducting various experiments. You board an automated ship that takes you to the Helios, where you find out what Ada needs, what's wrong, and just what happened.
More from Close to the Sun: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqPrnWCjnkDaahEvVuvKuLSfCkjaB0wWk
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