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Alicia Online | Breeding Spree #1

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Sorry for no uploads, honestly got sick again and currently sick with jaw and ears pains, I'll survive no worries hehe~ This video has all my alt breeding alts on it, a breeding spree for you to enjoy! I hope you enjoy! If you wish to add me, details are below!

1st Song: Hero -Dam dadi do - Fantasy Project feat. NDA.
2nd Song: I like it loud - Cash Cash.
3rd Song: Woke the fuck up - Jon Bellion.
4th Song: Into you - Ariana Grande.

Intro Song: Gary go the beginning - Privacy remix.
Outro Song: Hold on to you - Natewantstobattle.

All credit goes to the creators of the game and the music, I do not own any of the above. :D

Username: Sparkflames
Level: 60+ (+1900)


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